[dropcap size=big]C[/dropcap]aauie lifestyle’s  9H Design Talk for the month of September will be taking place on Thursday 28 September 2017 at The Atrium, fourteen 36 mall, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria. Speaking at the event on the topic of “Multiple Faces and Places”, is Francoise Aramide Akinosho, the principal partner of Lagos- based architecture and design studio, FA-A Designs.

Here’s a short bio on Aramide courtesy Caauie Lifestyle,

Aramide believes that architecture has a face (aesthetics) and adopts its surroundings (place) regardless of what the face presents. She never wishes to evolve aesthetics that are specific to particular regions, allowing for diversity in appearance and response to the varied needs of climate and spatial/cultural expectations. So we set a topic ‘Multiple Faces and Places’.

Francoise Aramide Akinosho lives a duality: French and Nigerian. She had lived all her life in France, and not in Nigeria. She probably thinks French, and not Yoruba or English or typical Nigerian. In interacting with her, you are convinced that as a person, she fascinates, and her work bears out the duality.

Her Contemporary work, influenced by an evolved Modernism, means that she is not fond of large classical columns and pediments, but is fond of finishing material and textures, believes that an architect owes the world pleasing looking and contextually enriching buildings. She is deceptively clever about architecture and creates strict interiors, taking on urban/large scale work with interesting results.

Aramide studied in France and Switzerland and now runs the practice FA_A in Lagos, West Africa and abroad. Her work will grow to represent a fresh take on all things Nigerian.

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