Who would have ever thought you could make a pendant light from a teacup and saucer? Here’s a DIY project that shows it not only possible but relatively easy. Its such a creative idea and full of character with endless
possibilities thanks to the endless styles and designs of tea cups and saucers out there.

Here’s what you’ll need

  • Teacup(s) and Saucer(s)
  • Drill Press or Hammer Drill
  • Diamond drill bit
  • Sink or Container (large enough to submerge the cups)
  • Pendant light cord or Lampholder and Wire
  • Light Bulb


Ofcourse, you’ll need to get your teacup and saucer. You can choose to go with the style pictured in the image above or pick your preferred aesthetic, Just make sure its ceramic and large enough to fit a small light bulb inside.

teacup style


You’ll need a drill press (preferably) or hammer drill fitted with a diamond tipped drill bit to create the openings in your teacup and saucer where the lampholder will fit. (More likely than not you will need to do this underwater in a sink or large enough container as the ceramic tends to get hot when drilling and may crack)

Drilling-holes-in-porcelain Holes-drilled-in-tea-cups


Once the holes are drilled, you can place your pendant light cord through or create your own cord using a lampholder and suitable wires. Once the lampholder is fixed, screw in your light bulb, and voila.

Replacing-Pendant-Shades-with-Teacup Small-Round-Edison-Bulb Edison-Bulb-in-Teacup-Shade


Flip the switch and VOILA!!



If you’d like to get some more detail on the process and what not, refer to our source article on flamingo toes, as well as this hometalk post.

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