Ministry Of Architecture Transforms Into Co-Design: Pioneering Inclusive and Sustainable Architecture in Africa

Ministry of Architecture (MOA) is excited to announce its growth into Co-Design, a social design and development enterprise that furthers our ongoing inclusive approach to designing the over 100 projects we have undertaken.

We believe that Africa needs to include everyone at the table to design her buildings, cities and communities. We need architects, engineers, young people, women as much as we need the  (inter)-governmental, cultural and corporate institutions who actively shape our cities today.

CoDesign Collective

Our growth from Ministry Of Architecture is also a departure from the singular vision of our Founder, Anthony Baba-Oladeji into a more blended vision that involves the perspectives of clients, engineers, associates and interns. Together, our expanded mission is now to work with all these stakeholders – in redesigning and rebuilding Africa to become the sustainable inclusive continent for all before 2050. 

Our new identity will also enable us broaden our social impact initiatives such as a much needed Construction School (Co-School), which will be the collaborative learning platform between future architects and artisans as we bid to re-train those who will build Africa’s future cities; Cosmos – (formerly Archives of African Architectures), which will collect metadata on Africa’s cities and; a Membership Collective – of trustees, patrons and believers who will guide our social impact initiatives.

We hereby invite all (inter)-governmental organizations, cultural institutions and changemakers across multiple sectors to join us in redesigning and rebuilding Africa one community at a time. Join here.

CoDesign Collective

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