How to Create a Captivating, Cosy and Poetic Reading Nook

Words by Tracey Clayton

[dropcap size=big]W[/dropcap]hether you’re a hopeless romantic in love with Romantic poetry or a passionate interpreter of Modernist novels, you’ll probably agree that the world of literature deserves its own spot in your home. It doesn’t have to be spacious or overly expensive, but simply charming and captivating, enabling you to absorb every word you read. Instead of disregarding this idea thinking that the spot worthy of literary grandeur can be found only in the most inspiring libraries, dive into the world of design inspiration that will bring the literary realm closer to home.

Choose the perfect spot

Your dreamy reading nook doesn’t have to be completely separated from the rest of your house even though distractions should be definitely kept away. Find a place where you’ll feel at peace and be able to focus on all those words perfectly strung together. Whether it’s a lovely spot by a window, a cosy nook under the stairs or a comfy area in your bedroom, it’s important that you feel comfortable and inspired.


Light it properly

As one of the most important elements in your reading nook, lighting deserves special attention. Not only do you need to ensure that you have proper lighting for reading, but you also need to be mindful of the general atmosphere. Your reading nook should inspire you and enable you to relax while still keeping you focused on your reading. Natural light should permeate your reading nook, filling it with a graceful, yet energising glow. Once it sets, artificial lighting should take over with its balanced beams. Floor lamps, desk lamps and wall sconces will help you introduce layers of light without causing eyestrain.

Set up a comfy seating area

Setting up a comfy seating area is next! You have a range of options that will make you want to spend hours in the literary world. You can add a lovely chair covered with a plush throw and pair it with an elegant side table. You can also add an ottoman or even use a cosy daybed instead of a chair. A window seat is another stylish option for a dreamy reading nook. Of course, don’t forget to add plenty of cushions and covers for a true feeling of comfort and warmth.

Add a rug or two for cosiness

Rugs are another must-have feature for your romantic reading nook. The moment you add one or two, you’ll notice a big difference. Your reading nook will seem cosier and more grounded because an area rug will tie the elements together. Layering rugs is a stylish and charming idea that will allow you to experiment with different patterns and designs. If you decide to place your reading nook in your bedroom or living room, an area rug will also help you outline clear, but subtle boundaries between different zones. What’s more, mesmerising round rugs will help you define your reading nook and create an “island” of comfort and style. If you have an open floor layout, you should definitely consider going with round area rugs instead of rectangular ones because they will bring more comfort and warmth to your space.

Use books as your embellishments

You cannot create a romantic reading nook without your favourite books. Displaying your favourite collections on shelves will not only keep them within your reach, but also elevate the décor of your reading nook. You can experiment with storage ideas and adjust them to your space. From modern floating shelves to wall-to-wall bookcases, there are plenty of inspiring ideas to choose from. You just need to pick one that fits into the general style of your space and that will have enough room for all your books.

Keep it technology-free

There should be at least one tech-free area in your home and it should be your reading nook. You shouldn’t be distracted by business emails, social media, etc. Instead, you should immerse yourself into the literary world and focus on your favourite writers, poets or characters. Leave your phone and don’t bring your laptop into your reading zone. Let this area be completely free of technology and full of imagination, inspiration and romance.

Don’t forget indoor plants

Aside from being beautiful natural decorations, houseplants will also fill your reading nook with a sense of positivity and freshness. Indoor plants will make your space more enjoyable and open, cleansing it from air-borne toxins and allergens. You can experiment with their placement, create lovely arrangements or even add a vase of fresh flowers.

In just a few simple steps, you can have your own reading area where literature can come to life.

About the author:

Tracey Clayton is a working mom of three girls.

She’s passionate about fashion, home décor and healthy living.

Her motto is: “Live the life you love, love the life you live.”

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