Build Your Destiny: The Architect as Developer Series by Jonathan Segal

I’ve often felt, and many may disagree with me, that the practice of architecture, not just in Nigeria, but the world over, is….broken.

Architects are losing (or have lost) control of projects and sometimes even get sidelined in today’s world where technology has given access to alot of how to’s. Our ability to lead the direction of architecture and the built environment is very much up for grabs. As such, I’ve always thought how possible it would be for the architect to also be the developer. My question has finally been answered.

For the past 2 decades, American architect Jonathan Segal (FAIA) has perfected the unique business model of “Architect as Developer”. He has designed, developed and constructed over 300 residential and mixed use projects since 1988.





His practice of “Architect as Developer” seeks to put the power back in the hands of the architect, giving him the ability to become the owner and eliminate the need for clients or a general contractor. He believes this way, the architect is able to create better city environments for the larger community and also achieve financial satisfaction and independence. To this end, he has created a series of online seminasr, aptly titled, “Architect as Developer”.


Its “an educational video series on developing and designing your own projects to achieve creative control and financial success”. You can purchase the package here and take the seminars at your own pace to review and understand the eight different video chapters discussed. Participants of this online seminar will also have the opportunity to see the inner workings of  some of Jonathan’s award-winning projects.


Now while, I understand that Mr.Segal’s methods are based on the American Architecture and Construction industry, I strongly believe the principles therein could be applied to the Nigerian as well as African Landscape for Architects to profit from his somewhat novel approach. I know I will.

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