Our Favourite Booths From The Guide 2016 Product and Interior Design Expo

At last week’s Guide 2016 expo, one thing was clear, the exhibitors were out to impress. They put alot of energy and creativity into designing and crafting their respective booths to create the most compelling and welcoming of spaces.

Here is a gallery of our favourite exhibition booths from last week’s Guide 2016 Product and Interior Design Expo.


There are so many notable features about this booth that grabbed my attention. From the reflective wall made of square glass tiles to the minimalist/modernist metal shelving and ofcourse the exquisite array of accessories. But what was most notable for me was the ‘newsprint’ wall which stood out adding even more character to the booth. Surprisingly enough, I was told it was fairly inexpensive.
bluemahogany_06 bluemahogany_08 bluemahogany_05 bluemahogany_07 bluemahogany_02 bluemahogany_01 bluemahogany_04 bluemahogany_03


One of the most creative (if not the most creative) booths of the exhibition, has to be the ‘combo-booth’ of CC Interiors and Doshlaps. Both exhibitors combined forces to create a unique experience for guests and visitors. Their booth, which was referred to as the ‘RED BOX’, did away with the generic form and introduced walls, an archway entrance and a ceiling. The interior was decked out with furniture and accessories from the cc interiors as well as a unique collection of lamps and lighting fixtures from Caxton Alile Living and of course window blinds and shutters from Doshlaps. Another notable feature from the booth was the unique and eye-catching ceiling installation.

ccint doshlaps_12The welcoming archway entrance
ccint doshlaps_09a unique ceiling installationccint doshlaps_10Osaru Alile of CC Interiors, striking a pose underneath their unique ceiling installationccint doshlaps_14ccint doshlaps_13ccint doshlaps_15 ccint doshlaps_07 ccint doshlaps_11 ccint doshlaps_08 ccint doshlaps_16ccint doshlaps_17 ccint doshlaps_01 ccint doshlaps_02 ccint doshlaps_03 ccint doshlaps_04 ccint doshlaps_05 ccint doshlaps_06


Design sense offered a small but impressive collection of ‘made in Nigeria’ furniture,  that many would have assumed were imported, as well as accessories and art pieces.

design sense_02 design sense_05 design sense_03 design sense_04 design sense_01


A simple and chic space from Gemona West carrying through a contemporary theme of Black and White while making good use of the space to have consultations during the event.
Gemona West_01 Gemona West_02 Gemona West_03


Offering a peak into both residential interiors and office interiors, the booth by DO II designs won me over with its style and character. The residential half offered a nice array of accent mirrors, accessories and more, while the ‘Office’ half, combined that clean and contemporary approach with a bit of indigenous character. Plus that built-in shelf wall was pretty impressive.

DO II_09 DO II_08 DO II_02 DO II_06 DO II_05 DO II_04 DO II_03 DO II_07


Seen as the favourite of the exhibition, the booth from I Design by Tola Akerele was probably the truest interpretation of the theme of the event expressing the ideology in the most original of way. It blended art with the idea behind a home which was the underlying concept. From the ‘entrance’ where you get an introduction to the exhibitor, to the ‘living room’ with section of seating hanging from the wall, on to the ‘kitchen’ and eventually the ‘bedroom’, each represented by the wood work and accessories arrayed across the space. It was both unique and completely indigenous.
i design_11 i design_10 i design_09 i design_08 i design_03 i design_04 i design_07 i design_05 i design_06 i design_01 i design_02


Another one of the many surprises from the exhibition was the booth by O-Cubed Designs, that featured creative DIY art installations and furniture made from re-purposed tires.
o cubed_01 o cubed_02 o cubed_04 o cubed_03 o cubed_05


Home sweet Home, is how I would describe the booth from pinceto. It offered a welcoming ambiance full of colour and warmth, with a fairly broad selection of art, accessories and furniture tailored specifically for the more classical and traditional home.pinceto_06 pinceto_07 pinceto_08 pinceto_05 pinceto_02 pinceto_03 pinceto_04 pinceto_01


A more contemporary take on the ‘home setting’ that a lot of exhibitors offered, urban living’s booth(s) had both style and class. Reminiscent of top market hotel rooms, the spaces were simple yet striking with a subdued colour palette and clean contemporary furniture.urban living_06 urban living_01 urban living_02 urban living_03 urban living_04 urban living_05

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