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Specify is an online sourcing platform by Livin Spaces - where product designers and suppliers of building products and materials can list their products, and architects, designers, and building contractors can find them.

Wherever you are, you can find and source the products or materials that you need. Specify eliminates the need to travel long distances, only to find that the supplier doesn’t have what you need. With Specify, you can visually confirm a products availability from the designer or suppliers listed products, and as a digital platform, you have access to a large selection of products from wherever you are. Product sourcing is now convenient, broad and effective.

Specify list suppliers from all over the country, as a result, you have access to large database of product, unlike what you have available in your local area. The product you’re looking for is just a search away. Get started.

Using Specify as a product designer, a manufacturer or a reseller

Our global reach makes Specify the perfect platform to increase the visibility of your products by your target market. Your products aren’t just listed on Specify, they Listing your products on Specify puts your products in the visibility of architects, designers and contractors and other individuals searching for them.


Specify leverages the digital landscape to put your products in front of the ever-increasing number of professionals and industry players in search of a convenient and safe way to find your products.


Specify generates an automatic quote for selected products by enquiring customers – saving you tonnes of time in responding to customer enquiries.


Specify is designed to showcase your products like its your very own website – with as much content as you want and a detailed brand page to successfully market your products.


Specify offers tailor-fitted solutions that showcase the best of your products in different digital formats enabling professionals specify your products better.


For product designers looking to expand the reach, Specify offers you a global audience to market your product – not only social media – using digital tools that are specific and strategic for growth.

Detailed Product Showcase

Specify lists products with as much details as possible, helping you making both visual confirmations of product availablities and product details.

Growing Database

Our database of products are regularly updated, keeping you up to date on new products and trends from product designers, manufactures and resellers.

Convenient and effective

From wherever you are, you can find what you’re looking for with detailed product specifications and price information on request.

More Product Choices

Specify offers you more selection of products compared to in-shop sourcing which has always been limited. Not limited by your local area, Specify connects you to regional and international sources ready to sell and deliver to you.

Using Specify to source for products

As a digital product catalogue, Specify lists a growing selection of products with detailed product information to help you find the products you need. Take advantage of Specify to source for products easily, conveniently and more effectively.

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As we've shown you, whether you're a manufacturer or product designer, or you're designer or contractor sourcing for your project, Specify is a much needed tool for your business.