Wooden Dodecahedronic Chair by Hiroaki Suzuki

Hiroaki Suzuki, a Japanese design student, has been researching functional applications for polyhedral geometry in product design. His research led him to design the ‘Dodecahedronic Chair’ with very acute angles. Making use of a 3D CAD software, he was able to give a face to his idea and verify the overall structural strength and stability of the chair by producing models made of paper and corrugated cardboard. Though the seat looks rigid with its numerous hard planes, edges and vertexes, it is believed to be quite comfortable.

Wooden-Dodecahedronic-Chair-Hiroaki-Suzuki-01 Wooden-Dodecahedronic-Chair-Hiroaki-Suzuki-02 Wooden-Dodecahedronic-Chair-Hiroaki-Suzuki-03 Wooden-Dodecahedronic-Chair-Hiroaki-Suzuki-05 Wooden-Dodecahedronic-Chair-Hiroaki-Suzuki-06

[via urukia]

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