The Folding Wall: A Student project by Obayanju Oluwapelumi


The Folding wall is a student project designed by Obayanju Oluwapelumi as part of his winter semester 2017 “Folding architecture” course at the University of Thessalias, Volos, Greece. He recently shared his idea, sketches and renders with us, highlighting the applications of his folding wall design as well as the materiality and fabrication.



The main idea behind the folding wall design is the possibility of transforming and converting interior spaces into open spaces base on need and use with the incorporation of dynamic wall system which can expand and retract as to create the needed space within offices and/or partitioned spaces.

The folding wall is a scalable installation for partitioning of spaces, and can be optimized into different folding situations.


Base on the concept of folding on which the course was based upon, the design is generated from PAPER CRUMPLING  which was further rationalized in AutoCAD and further modified in FREEFROM ORIGAMI as to generate a geometric three dimensional form, the design process is shown below as follows

Paper crumple


AutoCAD Tessellation

Freeform origami optimization



Mid Fold Position

The use of the folding wall in MID FOLD position, using a Floor plan of a typical architectural office with the FOLDING WALL in use as internal partition

Section showing the FOLDING WALL in mid fold position as used for office partition
Image showing the FOLDING WALL in MID FOLD position

Flat Pack Position

The folding wall in flat fold position, creating space and opening for visual connection and access between the conference room and studio


Wall: Light weight material is the best suite for the wall panels as to aid ease of folding and flattening

For small scale prototyping cardboard will be best suite

For large scale protyping, particle board (5mm-10mm thickness), as well as plastic boards (5mm-10mm) will be best suite

Joints: The connecting joints between each panel of the wall can be connected with hinges

Fabrication: It can be fabricated with Laser cut machine and C.N.C milling machine


  • Designed by: Obayanju Oluwapelumi
  • Tutor: Professor Sophia Vysoviti
  • Course: Folding Architecture
  • School: University of Thessalias, Volos, Greece
  • Semester: Winter Semester 2017
  • Software: AutoCAD, Freeform origami, Rhino, Autodesk Revit
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