Transformable Spanish Apartment by PKMN Architectures.

We love transformer apartments because of the flexilibilty they offer within a relatively small space, the different options as well as the amount of creativity and effort we know goes into creating them. Remember the one we featured last week by Vlad Mushin?, well,  here’s another one by PKMN Architectures for designer, Yolanda Pila, in the “All I own House” Project. Using moveable shelving units, the designers were able to create all the necessary functionality without having to reduce the sizes of the rooms. They started off by dividing the total space into two, with the first space remaining opened at all times and designed for dining and for work while the second space is where the transformation happens.


Made up of three transformable units/shelves, part of the design requirements was for the shelves to be easily moveable by the resident. They used tracks and casters used in library units to ensure she was able move the shelves with just one hand despite its 500kg weight when full. The shelves were made from inexpensive but tough Oriented Strand Board (OSB) “made from pressed wood flakes”. To give a smooth and water resistant finish, Laminate was used on the surface.




Sliding the shelves to the right reveals the kitchen table/dining area which can fold up when not in use. When the kitchen table is pulled down, it reveals the dishes, cooking items and other kitchen essentials.






The central shelf opens out to form a bed. Pushing the right and central shelf towards the kitchen area increases the bedroom area.




Located to the left of the bed is the closet shelf. It opens to a private dressing area that faces the bathroom. An OSB sliding panel can be pulled over the entry to create more privacy.

[via Home-DesigningDezeen]


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