This Prefabricated Kiosk Combines Thoughtful Design and Innovative Technology.

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The Pink Berry Kiosk at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is a blend of both on-brand whimsical fun and design with innovative technology and engineering.

Designed by US-based Rittiluechai Architecture PC, in collaboration with architectural systems manufacturer Arktura, the Pinkberry Kiosk at LAX is built from uniquely formed planar surfaces that create a self-supporting canopy offering an organic-looking appearance. Arktura is a company known for its innovative architectural wall panels. So, it’s no surprise that they’ve created such an interesting piece.

Behind The Pinkberry Kiosk Design

When you walk into LAX and see Pinkberry’s kiosk, it grabs your attention. The bright colored green really stands out amongst the monochromatic colors of LAX, and for a frozen yogurt shop known for its fun spin on traditional frozen yogurt offerings, it really embodies the company’s branding.

The canopy uses a cellular, organic structure to accentuate Pinkberry’s fun branding, and the look of the kiosk inspires weary flyers to come and grab some frozen yogurt. It was created from metal and powder-coated steel. Like all Arktura products, it was developed sustainably and responsibly in the United States.

The canopy has a whopping 4,200 points of alignment and was constructed from uniquely shaped surfaces. Because of the design complexity, this canopy required specialized algorithms and new manufacturing strategies to build it. It is a truly innovative design that required specialized techniques to accomplish its development.

In the end, the canopy was prefabricated off-site and then shipped in pieces. Once it arrived at LAX, it only took a few days to assemble. Once assembled, the canopy is self-supported, and it is so unique in appearance that people are drawn in from other ends of the airport to take a closer look.

For such a fun, quirky design, it required an incredible amount of forethought, innovation, and dedication to creating something truly unique. Brilliant architecture often works that way. It looks simple, but when you peel back the layers, you realize the complex mechanisms and the team of people it took to create the piece.

If you’re ever in LAX, be sure to stop by and look at Pinkberry’s canopy. Knowing more about the inspiration behind the piece and a bit about the company who designed it adds a level of appreciation that might not otherwise be there. The canopy has such a whimsical, effervescent vibe that you’d never suspect that it was so brilliantly designed or that the company behind it was so passionate about sustainability. Arktura’s full line of products all evoke some level of awe-inspiring innovation.

When it comes to design and style, Arktura is a company to watch. While pictures capture the essence of the Pinkberry kiosk, they don’t quite do it justice. Without the backdrop of the dreary, hurried airport, you can’t fully experience the genius of this bright green, architectural piece. 

About Arktura

Arktura is a design firm that believes in challenging what’s possible. They’re entirely carbon-neutral, and they manufacture and ship in the USA. They actively support sustainability measures and programs that promote environmental conservation. These are wildly rare traits for an architectural design firm.

They’re huge advocates of technology, and they work to bring together the best talent in design, manufacturing, programming, architecture, engineering, and artists to create truly innovative furniture and architectural structures. They have prefabricated products and do custom work for a wide range of impressive clients. Their kiosk client list alone is impressive. Aside from Pinkberry, Arktura has designed canopies and kiosks for Starbucks, Microsoft, Mobius Cloud, and more. 

But, Arktura does more than canopies and kiosks. They offer wall systems, ceiling systems, tables, chairs, houseware, acoustic ceiling systems, and more. Once you know a little more about Arktura, it’s easier to understand more about Pinkberry’s innovative canopy design.

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