Patricia Urquiola

The Oasia Hotel interiors by Patricia Urquiola are inspired by nature and organic themes.

The Oasia Hotel in Singapore by WOHA is a 27 storey mixed use tower most notable for its facade of mesh cladding and creeping plants.

Dubbed the “Tropical Living Tower” the nature inspired development, carries this concept through to its interiors. Designed by Patricia Urquiola, the interiors of the Oasia Hotel reemphasize this theme through the use of colour and materiality. Natural Elements like copper and wood compliment the planting and vegetation while colourful design accents inject a sense of fun into the spaces.


[via the official patricia urquiola website]

Singapore’s cultural diversity, dynamic society and tropical environment were a source of inspiration for Oasis Downtown Hotel project. The tower is divided into four zones, each of them has its own charasteristics. Patricia Urquiola emphasizes the importance of the use of colors to give the entire hotel a strong personality and contemporaneity.

 Images courtesy Patricia Urquiola

More images courtesy Habitus Living

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