The Jury Cafe ~ Designed by Biasol for Pentridge Village

I have no idea what this place looked like before, but seeing as it used to be in a prison,I doubt it was anything fantastic. Now, however, its a different story. Designed by Biasol for Pentridge village, (formerly known as Pentridge prison), this cafe is vibrant and colourful.




The designers used “blonde timber” to create a playful 3D triangular pattern over the walls and ceilings, painting some of the spaces between the struts black, white, blue and pink. Talk about taking 3D walling up a notch! These colourful highlights including the red coloured cables used for the lights, gave the space a playful and lively look that contrasts against the solid grey wall (inspired by the cafe’s prison history).
The architects were able create a look that infused life and fun into the space, while it retaining a solid look characteristic of its former use as a prison. I really love the 3D walls, it gives an interesting, original and prominent twist.






[via Dezeen]


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