Andrey Bezuglov

The Barvy restaurant in Ukraine is a rich tapestry of colour, form and texture.

Located in Kiev, the capital city of Ukraine, the Barvy restaurant and bar is described as “The best restaurant of the modern Ukrainian cuisine and art space…”.

The interior design of the contemporary restaurant was designed by famous Ukrainian architects, Slava Balbek, Andrii Berezinsky and Anastasia Marchenko. Almost every thing in the restaurant from the elements of decoration (on the celings, walls etc), to the furniture are made by Ukrainian designers. A notable piece that caught my eye would be the E7 Sofa by Odesd2, (see our previous feature on the sofa) which makes up a fair amount of the seating within the dining space. Also various leitmotifs of national culture, such as traditional wood carvings, patterns, colors, textures and shapes are reflected in the design of the restaurant. As a result, the Barvy has become a regular venue for exhibitions of talented Ukrainian artists, sculptors, photographers, illustrators, as well as musical, literary and fashion performances.
Photography credit: Andrey Bezuglov
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