Space Loving ~ The Loft in Amsterdam

I once thought a loft meant a large open planned space, of course, with one bed. Ofcourse over time I came to understand that its an open planned space directly underneath a roof.

In other words, a loft is same (or similar) as an attic, and that I didn’t know too. At least now I understand the reason for a loft’s characteristic features like the presence of roof trusses and skylights (of course, if there’s any). Lofts are stunning, and unfortunately, they are not common place in Nigeria for a plethora of reasons; one of which is that most architects haven’t realized that they can make use of the excess space in their gable roofs. I have seen a few houses that looked like they did utilize the roof space, but this one below is the only one I have entered. And lets just say, its in my diary as “my first loft experience”, simply put, I enjoyed being there.

A loft/attic from a 4bed house in Diamond Estate, Sangotedo, Lagos Nigeria

Putting aside my musings, here’s a beautiful loft in Amsterdam I saw on Moon to Moon. There are so many reasons I love this space, one of which, is the style of the gallery wall as seen below. Instead of having the framed pictures directly on the wall like its been trending for a while, the pictures were arranged on a multilayer wood platform created on the wall. This style inherits the retro vibe of placing pictures on a table or any available flat surface in your space – a trend that will never die away, though.

boho modern apartment the loft in amsterdamThe space is mostly neutral toned, and this yellow sofa and green plant brought in contrast and variety in such a beautiful happy way. In addition to the industrial pendant light seen below, the suspended fixture carrying the candles, little pots of plants and other decor items, is a really beautiful idea – its like the perfect mood-lighting. Dinner would be so perfect, and forever memorable.

the loft amsterdam dining roomThe use of natural materials on the floor, furniture and decor items  as seen from the pacquet floor, the linen pillows and poufs, the fur throws to the wooden framed bed, the beni ourain rugs, and rustic decor items gives the entire space a very rich textured and diverse look, that is far from boring. If anything else, it is very cosy and succulent (I had to use that word); plus, that bed and the seating area by the window is so perfect for snuggling. amsterdam loft sitting area by the window the loft amsterdam boho modernAnother thing I love about the space is how well the industrial decor items (like the black metallic wall mount bed lamps and pendant lights, not excluding the rustic bedside storage), go perfectly with all the rich natural texture of the space. My favorite bit of this loft would have to be its generous size and abundance of daylight flooding the interiors many thanks to the large windows and the skylights. It has laid a perfect foundation for all the beautiful features of the house including that “swing”.

amsterdam loft four poster bed13_A_Belgian_Village_Filip_Janssens_mdw15_yatzer boho modern amsterdam apartment

Via [Moontomoon]

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