Living-and-Dining: A Double Sided Sofa that’s Best for Small Spaces by Arkimera

If you live in small one room apartment but would like to have a living and dining area, then this might be for you.

Italian architects and designers Arkimera have designed Layout Isolagiorno, a double-sided sofa, that is a normal sofa on one side, and soft, cozy, bench seating for a dining table, on the other.  The sofa caters to numerous activities that tend to take place in most living and dining rooms, making it the perfect piece for a home with little space.


sofa-table-combo_051215_01-e1449312571670 sofa-table-combo_051215_03 sofa-table-combo_051215_04 sofa-table-combo_051215_05 sofa-table-combo_051215_06

[via contemporist]

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