Pierluigi Piu

An Intriguing Tapestry of Stone by Pierluigi Piu for the Olivo Restaurant in London

Architetto Pierluigi Piu has designed the refurbishment of Olivo, an Italian restaurant in London that’s largely influenced by Sardinian tradition.

Upon entering the restaurant, you step into a small lobby area with a full height glazed wall, dividing the space from the main dining area. This glazed wall replaces what was once a solid wall, making the lobby more open and visually interesting.

The front of the restaurant respects the traditional London Victorian look, however it has been brightened up by using a ‘duck-egg’ blue color.

Once in the main dining room, your eye is immediately drawn to the the first of two large wall tapestries made from finely chiseled natural stone.

The inspiration of the stone tapestries comes from Sardinian fabrics that use decorative patterns, like the Lapwing Bird, that act as a symbol of fertility and prosperity.

The symmetrical pattern creates a unique wall feature that commands attention.

Separating the two dining areas are dark sections of walls made from resin and cement in a dove grey and burnt coffee color that have a matte wax finish.

In the second dining area, is another stone tapestry that covers the entire wall, this time it has a new pattern inspired by the Lapwing bird.

Heading back towards the main entrance and opposite the first tapestry wall is the bar and reception area. The multi-functional counter has been made from Corian in a ‘coffee-bean’ brown. Beneath the counter is a wine display that houses the wine bottles flush with the edge of the counter.

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