Cubitat by Urban Capital and Luca Nichetto Combines Basic Domestic Spaces into a Single 9 sqm Cube

Toronto based developer, Urban Capital and Italian designer Luca Nichetto of Nichetto Studio have put together a truly remarkable experimental concept dubbed ‘Cubitat’.

CUBITAT is a fully customisable 3m x 3m x 3m cube integrating within it, all the basic spaces that make up a home,  a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, entertaining area, and lots of storage. It could be described as a “plug and play” house, in a house.

logo drawing

cubitat drawing

“CUBITAT is about a more intelligent, holistic way to design and construct our living environments, taking cues from the prefab world and modern production methods.”

Touted as “the future of progressive housing” the stand alone cube, (which was developed as the feature exhibit for the recently concluded Interior Design Show in Toronto), is designed to be mobile and transferable, providing compact living in an ingeniously crafted form. The fact that there is the possibility of one being able to ‘move’ your ‘apartment’ on demand is truly, ground breaking, but full fledged production and implementation are still some ways off, as the idea is very much in its conceptual phase.













Sure lots of holes can be poked about the practicality of this Idea, like the fact that it obviously can’t be completely independent as it would require a space in which to be placed, or the fact that it would need to be assembled on site as its size would be difficult to move around or through a regular 900mm door, but I think its more about the idea and the possibilities.

reddit user kuvter has a few ideas about what amount of space one would need.

If you look to the possibilities within this concept, you begin to see the makings of what could be a foundation for something much more effective in the near future. Its a concept that has immense potential and with the right tweaks and adjustements may just be the future of compact living.

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