B1 Bench by ODESD2 Design Bureau

If this where one solid bench without negative spaces, it would have just been another bench with nice curves. But the B1 bench by ODESD2 Design Bureau thrives in its design. Just like the Q1 lounge chair, the Q5 chair and the V1 chair, the B1 bench makes a fine statement. The bench is made using oak veneered plywood. The seat of the bench is creatively crafted by joining a number of vertically placed rounded-end plywood sections. Each section is a different size, from smallest to biggest. With equal offset between them, the smallest are placed in the middle and the largest on the side. The negative space between the different sections and the curved ends create a dynamic-fluidlike bench. Its beauty, though deliberate by design, looks modern, effortless and minimalist.

“ODESD2 – is an abbreviation of the six basic principles of architecture formed by ancient Roman architect Vitruvius- Ordinatio (order and systematic), Despositio (location and basis), Eurythmia (proportion and composition), Symmetria (anthropomorphism), Decor (decor and the order systematic), Distributio (ways of using the object economically)”. That said, their furniture lives up to what they are about.

B1 bench by odesd2 2 B1 bench by odesd2 B1 bench by odesd2 3 B1 bench by odesd2 3 B1 bench by odesd2 4 B1 bench by Odesd2 5 B1 bench by odesd2 6 B1 bench by odesd2 7B1 bench by odesd2 8B1 bench by odesd2 9B1 Bench by odesd2 10Source; Odesd2


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