Small is the new black. OK, maybe not yet, but its certainly not an unappealing option any more. This is thanks to the likes of Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture, who have redesigned this 46 sq m New York City apartment and in the process, created a private residence that makes living in a small space not just attractive, but enviable.

The original apartment was described as “jam-packed” with a plethora of items and objects not having a place and everything generally lacking order and organisation. JPDA swooped in to make sense of it all by superbly shaping the space to allow for maximum flexibility and  efficiency.

The basic idea was to create storage from, well,…everything. From the stairs to the walls, every available space was exploited so you can find a nook, drawer or cabinet to keep all the clutter organised and more importantly, out of sight. Defining functional spaces was a crucial next step that ensured the apartment would have clear cut areas for cooking, washing, sleeping and entertainment as well as the client’s much needed office/work space.



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The final step was aesthetics, making all of these bright ideas, look good, and boy, did they nail it. The minimalist, wood paneled interior is gorgeous to behold. Its not trying too hard, neither is it overtly ‘futuristic’, just subtle and mature, with a colour palette that makes the space adaptable to visual accents that may arise. One particular triumph is the sleeping loft with a walk-in closet underneath. Yes, a walk-in closet within a 46sq m space. Truly a triumph in the triumph that is this apartment.

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The level of space planning brilliance on display here is what i’d like to term “Genius-Level” Brilliance. Material selection is supremely tasteful giving the largely neutral colour palette texture and 3dimensionality. Its a lovely contemporary piece of design that eliminates waste and clutter, where everything has a place and every space has a function. I can bet that living in such an airy, open and personally crafted space can’t get more enjoyable than this.

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