As part of his design of the Le Monde winery in North East Italy, Alessandro Isola has created a private poolside retreat, that features a sunken seating area, for the guests of the winery.

Its been a while since we came across the brilliance of Mr.Isola, from his Torque desk to his Eroded Furniture Series, his design work is, to say the least, exemplary.

This pool pavilion is yet another example. The timber surface that surrounds the pools seems to fold back on itself, raising up on curved steel beams and becoming a shade for the sunken seating below. Its both majestic and stunning.

le-monde_031215_01 le-monde_031215_02 le-monde_031215_03 le-monde_031215_04 le-monde_031215_05 le-monde_031215_06

[via contemporist]

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