W22 Stadium Concept Design for Qatar by RUF Projects

UF projects developed an impressive design concept for a world cup 2022 stadium proposed for Doha, Qatar.

Designed in 2013, the concept features an organic, undulating form that pushes the boundaries of conventional stadium design, and seeks to evolve the nature of how sporting facilities are planned. A concept for a World Cup 22 Stadium and Sport Park commissioned by the Eljaish Football Club in Qatar as a athletic legacy project.  The innovative concept creates an undulating green park surface allowing for simultaneous use by the public; amateur and professional athletes. Program is submerged along the edges of large  “craters” that house the main outdoor playing fields.  A central athletes village would house indoor athletic function such as basketball and handball; as well as administration; support facilities; a hotel and restaurants.

The Stadium is designed to house 90,000 fans during the world cup and then be partially dismantled to allow for a more modest 20,000 to 30,000 capacity stadium post world cup.  The roof of the stadium would be created by a membrane clad timber grid-shell structure to create expansive spans with open perimeter to allow views to the park beyond.

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