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Between Trees: A Compact Apartment Complex in Japan by Tailored Design Lab

“Between the Trees”, is the name given to this compact three storey apartment complex designed by Japanese firm, Tailored Design Lab, in the developing Japanese city of Fukuoka.

The name refers to the surrounding vegeration which the low-rise apartment complex ’embraces’, allowing every room  experience the greenery. The site which is in close proximity to the town center has trees planted at all four corners. The use of flowering dogwood (cornus florida) shields the building from the late afternoon sun while a maple that changes with each season defines the entrance and approach, and the zelkova will eventually blossom to enshrine the entire building.

The complex itself, weaves “between the trees” as the name suggests, a reinforced concrete structure with a total of 6 apartments, having 2 on each floor. Each apartment is compact in its design featuring a Kitchen, fairly large bathroom, living area and bedroom(s). The bedrooms as situated between two gardens, offering residents pleasant views on either side. The structure also wears a peculiar aesthetic in terms of its geometry as the tops of each of the blocks is chamfered, truncating the otherwise largely rectilinear volume.

To quote the architects,

“This architecture stands as if one with nature,….the architecture and forest come together, and people’s lives are nestled in the trees. sharing a rich green space together will enhance the richness of living.”

fukuoka apartment complex plan 1 fukuoka apartment complex plan 2 fukuoka apartment complex plan 3 fukuoka apartment complex plan 4 fukuoka apartment complex 02 fukuoka apartment complex 03 fukuoka apartment complex 04 fukuoka apartment complex 05 fukuoka apartment complex 06 fukuoka apartment complex 07 fukuoka apartment complex 08 fukuoka apartment complex 09 fukuoka apartment complex 10 fukuoka apartment complex 01


architects: tailored design lab
architects in charge: tomohiko iida, hidetoshi sawa, norifumi watanabe
contractor: kai kensetsu
location: fukuoka-city, fukuoka, japan
program: rental complex
site area: 673.45 sqm
building area: 175.20 sqm
total floor area: 411.20 sqm
storeys: 3
structure: reinforced concrete
photography: yuji nishijima

[via designboom]

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