This Office Building in India by Conarch Features a Back-Lit Sculptural Facade of Tessellated Triangles

Project TItle
JK House
32, Pusa Road, New Delhi, India
Site Area
125.4 sq m
Built up Area
3716.12 sqm
Sh. J.C. Chaudhry
Conarch Architects
Principal Architect
S.K. Goel
Completion Year
Turn-Key Builder
RP Realtech Pvt Ltd
Prashant Dubey, Nitish Goel

Located in an uber dense Delhi locale, JK House forms a distinct urban landmark. The building design is both functional and expressive in nature, its lively sculptural facade is rich in simplicity and proportions.

The back-lit geometrical surfaces transform a mundane building corner on a busy street into a point of interest and heighten the excitement of the onlooker. Built on an urban infill site and situated within four minute walking distance from a transit hub, the project is appropriately sited to benefit from the city’s growing mass public transit system. Building design takes advantage of the proximity to the available alternative transportation system by minimizing the onsite area dedicated to parking.  For a building accommodating about 350 employees, the project provides for code minimum parking of 25 stalls only.

The structure comprises of six full storeys; floor plates are a combinations of open-plan offices, individual offices, conference and meeting rooms. The stilt and basement floors have service areas, break out spaces and parking. On floors above are the office units with meeting areas and open-space workplaces. The roof area is greened and partly designed as a roof terrace.

Based on the interactions with the client, Sh. J.C. Chaudhry,  the primary goal was to create a positive, comfortable and productive work environment. Characteristic of Delhi’s urban area, the site is a long narrow rectangle with existing built properties on three sides, with front, rear and side setbacks. Long narrow rectangular sites pose a challenge to naturally light work spaces at lower levels and areas away from exterior walls. Given the critical role daylight plays in occupant mental and physical health, a generous sized atrium was introduced in the middle to light the building from within. Low height desk partitions, light material finishes and full height glass partitions help daylight penetration in deeper areas of the floor plate. The building  emphasizes occupant comfort with ample daylighting, natural materials, breakout spaces and a large landscaped terrace. 

The interior work spaces are crafted with dramatic angles in subdued contrasting colour palette to create a sleek, uncluttered and striking experience. The custom lighting, built in furniture, ceiling and wall design come together as a singular cohesive space to exude warmth required for the ease of business discussions. The muted color palette and the quiet aesthetic of the straight lines vitalizes the participants, and enables effective and precise communication. It is here the company’s deals are sealed, ideas are formed, and plans are put into action.

Innovative architectural solutions come with a set of equally complex and demanding building construction processes. Transforming a building design into a physical reality is a challenge no less. Throughout the construction of the project we collaborated with RP Realtech Pvt Ltd, who were responsible for construction execution and providing all of the material, labor, equipment and services necessary for building completion.

About Conarch

Ar. S.K. Goel

Conarch is a Delhi based architectural design firm founded in 1988 by Ar. S.K. Goel. With his associates, as recent architectural graduates at an architectural firm in Delhi, he decided to establish Conarch. With like-minded vision, complimentary skill-set, mutual respect and admiration, a foundation of the firm’s identity was laid. What this entrepreneurial collaboration lacked in financial backing was more than made up for in unbridled energy, passion for the discipline and the will to labor continuously without frills, all the while upholding the highest standard of professional ethics and integrity.

From a venture of two people in a swim or sink situation to a firm employing 30 odd employees, the principals along with the establishment have come a long way. Conarch Architects remain a small practice by intention as principals prefer to direct

and drive each project personally working together with clients so that every project turns out to be the best version of itself.

We seek to design spaces that consistently express the needs, aspiration and identity of the occupants. The firm’s portfolio reflects the abiding desire in enriching human experience, thriving on our obsession of continuously improving upon the design solutions, bettering our previous best. Conarch Architects embrace the myriad desires of client and project considerations to craft solutions unique to the given parameters by considering each project as a design opportunity than a design problem. We ‘own’ our projects from the day of the inception of its idea to the day it is occupied. As designers, we don’t think of architecture as separate from interiors and our approach towards space creation blurs the distinction and blends the two.

Within the firm, a simple, non-hierarchical spread out structure exists. We operate in a common studio where project teams approach the task at hand in a highly collaborative environment. The roll-up-your- sleeves attitude of the principals sets the ethos of the team with a hands-on, energetic and adaptive outlook.

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