This Apartment Building in Iran Maximizes 130sqm Site to Create Compact Yet Appreciable Living Spaces.

Site Area
130 sqm
Built up Area
540 sqm
Hesam Andalib, Mohammad Kazerani, Roza Atarod
Farshid Nasrabadi

Built on a land area of 130sqm, and occupying just 80sqm of the site, this apartment building in Iran spans 4 floors and overcomes a number of spatial and planning constraints brought on by both the site itself and the region’s planning regulations.

Designed as a collaborative effort between Iranian Architects Roza Atarod, Hesam Andalib and Mohammad Kazerani, the apartment building was inspired by the idea of Architectural Hotspots. Their idea was that designers and architects in cities like Isfahan can draw inspiration from the nearest architectural monument or hotspot, to design the exterior of their buildings. By doing so, every district can have a unified identity. For this project, they drew inspiration from the Pigeon Tower’s interior structure as the nearest cultural hotspot to this building. At the end of the street where this project is located, there is a famous historical Pigeon Tower, where in the ancient times was built to be a place for providing pigeons a home.

To maximise the interior design of the small sized apartments, the architects defined private, semi-private and public areas within and sought to create a sense of intimacy and calm using a specific palette of colours and forms. The result is a well laid out, functional living space with natural light and air that looks much larger than it is and offers an enjoyable living experience. The Ground Floor caters exclusively to parking for 3 cars as well as pedestrian access and storage.

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