The Proposed D Hotel In India by SanJay Puri Architects

Geometry can be a very inspiring and stimulating thing. It has the capacity to make you think, make you happy, make you scared, excite you and make you wonder. Its so basic and simple, but yet, can create the most complex and most amazing forms. My preamble is as a result of looking the the above rendering for the D Hotel, designed by none other than SanJay Puri Architects. As is his style, the structure is largely very angular and ‘sharp’ almost like it can cut you just by looking at it.

It slices through the landscape, sitting comfortably on 13 400 sqm with various angles and inclines all rising to house 120 hotel rooms, banquet and dining facilities as well as indoor outdoor spaces . Its more like a sculpture than anything. Crafted masterfully, with sizeable spaces and fluid interrelationships that leave little or no wasted space as is the case with buildings of this form.
Responding to its site, the layout of the hotel sees Restaurants as well as the pool levels open up to North facing terraces and gardens, flexible conference facilities offer different sizes of meeting places each also opening up to a large garden. The rooms are oriented towards the north, inclined to create north facing terraces for each of the rooms.
All of these deliberate shifts and tilts work together to reduce openings on the southern side of the building and place most of them on the northern face. This promotes energy efficiency throughout the spaces within the hotel. A very key factor for a building in a city with temperatures going from 13 – 46 degC.
The distinct form and character of the exterior carries through on the interior with vast volumes, intricate patterns and rich textures all defined within really edgy and dynamic spaces.

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