The MMIE Building in Equitorial Guinea by Saraiva & Associates

Located in Malabo, the capital and the largest city of Equatorial Guinea, is the Ministry of Mines, Industry and Energy (MMIE) which was designed by international architecture practice Saraiva and Associates.

The scheme was born from the idea of having a building composed of two interconnected blocks, designed to receive administration and services including 12 departments with about 154 employees.The two blocks are established in parallel over a common basement floor, about 15 m apart. Both blocks are rectangular in form measuring about 44.50m x 17.5 m with a clear and deliberate formal distinction in their façades, as a response to differing thermal requirements. The north and south façades are more transparent, allowing sunlight into the building, while the east and west façades exhibit spans the entire horizontal length, and control of direct sunlight made by peaks and/or sheets of metal shade.

Equatorial_Guinea_Ministry_of_Mines_3 Equatorial_Guinea_Ministry_of_Mines_2 Equatorial_Guinea_Ministry_of_Mines_5 Equatorial_Guinea_Ministry_of_Mines_4Equatorial_Guinea_Ministry_of_Mines_7 Equatorial_Guinea_Ministry_of_Mines_6 Equatorial_Guinea_Ministry_of_Mines
Equatorial_Guinea_Ministry_of_Mines_8 Equatorial_Guinea_Ministry_of_Mines_9 Equatorial_Guinea_Ministry_of_Mines_10 Equatorial_Guinea_Ministry_of_Mines_12 Equatorial_Guinea_Ministry_of_Mines_11

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