The Clean Up Farm Tower Concept Seeks To Address Oil related Pollution in Nigeria’s Delta Region

Nigeria is the 11th largest oil-producing country in the world and the largest in Africa, with the vast majority of crude oil being found in the Niger Delta region of the country. However, from contaminated water to dead aquatic life and polluted soil, the effect of oil spills in the Niger Delta region cannot be overstated.

As part of the Evolvo Skyscraper competition 2021, this submission by by Yakubu Paul and Osunkoya Ifeoluwa, seeks to address environmental remediation in the Niger delta. The proposal retrofits the initial pollutant structure, decommissioned oil rigs and designs farm houses supported by the Jack-up rig. The structure further designs the remediation process into 2 phases. These are the Initial phase for soil cleaning and the latter phase, Bio-stimulation.

The Tower is a structure born from the circular design where the farmhouses interact with the oil rig and a bio-gas chamber to influence the environmental remediation process. The farmhouses produce a range of waste (human, animal and plants), which is stored in the anaerobic chambers. The chambers produce biogas that powers the refitted oil rig, which starts the Initial remediation process of soil cleaning.

Clean Up Farm Tower

Soil is collected from polluted areas and incinerated in the refitted rig to remove contaminants and washed to separate other pollutants. When the soil is replaced in the ground, the digeste from the Bio-gas process is then injected into the soil as microbes for the Long-term remediation process of Bio-stimulation.

Clean Up Farm Tower-2

The Farm tower becomes the anchor for cleaning oil-polluted areas through a combined Bio-remediation process over 50 years. It is a socio-economic solution that moves inhabitants of polluted areas to live above the pollution while using their living process as a framework to heal the environment. It addresses the socio-economic lifestyle of the Niger-delta people, which is farming and fishing. This is done by allocating rooftops as small gardens for each dwelling while initiating the habitants to vertical hydroponics farming.

The tower sits as a soaring green farm in a polluted skyline. It is a new and solution-driven structure that caters to the people’s present needs and long-term healing of their environment. The design signifies hope and a new future for the people of the Niger Delta.

Clean Up Farm Tower-3
Clean Up Farm Tower-4
Clean Up Farm Tower-5
Clean Up Farm Tower-6

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