SWIMMING IN THE SKY: A Glass-Bottomed Swimming Pool to ‘Bridge’ Two Buildings In London


Ever wished you could swim in the sky? Well, thanks to a new development coming to London, you just might come close,….if you’re super rich.

“Sky Pool” was unveiled this week, and is to be built as part of the Embassy Gardens development by Ballymore.

The development, located near the River Thames in London, will have a see-through swimming pool that will bridge across two new 10-storey apartment buildings.

The pool will be 35m off the ground, and is 27m long, about 6m wide, and nearly 3m deep. It will also have an entirely transparent glass shell that is 200mm thick.

embassy-gardens_190815_01 embassy-gardens_190815_04 glass-bottomed-sky-pool-embassy-gardens-legacy-buildings-london-HAL-architects-arup-designboom-01 glass-bottomed-sky-pool-embassy-gardens-legacy-buildings-london-HAL-architects-arup-designboom-02 glass-bottomed-sky-pool-embassy-gardens-legacy-buildings-london-HAL-architects-arup-designboom-04

[via contemporist]


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