We’ve all seen science fiction movies, with ridiculous technology and impossible architecture usually of a high degree of aesthetic appeal. Well, the above image is an example of such appeal being brought to life. This is the “SERENITY HOUSE” designed by forward-thinking Baca Architects for very forward-thinking clients. This private house, is designed to be “low-energy, soft, streamlined and Luxurious”, reminiscent of contemporary, highend supercars, like Lamborghini, Ferrari etc.

Set in a semi-urban context of Nottinghamshire, the house is designed to create its very own landscaping, conceived as outdoor rooms and a central courtyard. A shell like, undulating roof envelopes the four cores of the house with peaks and valleys, supported by what has been described as “sweeping ribbons of structure”. The aforementioned cores include a formal entertainment core, family core, games core and an annex. This truly is a major step forward, as was the goal of the design, to create a fusion of sincere beauty and sustainability on the luxury housing market, which usually isn’t ‘green’ friendly.






Heres a cool animation video showcasing the design…

[via BACA ]

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