SanJay Puri Architects’ Iskcon Temple Concept Design is an Award Winning Scheme that Blends Modern Design with Traditional Principles

The site located in Gandhinagar, Gujarat has an very hot and semi-arid climate with an average temperature of 41°C. Contemporary visual styles with organization and circulation principles of ancient India form the design-ideology.

The project strives to let the large structure be perceived by lightness by strategically fragmenting the entire structure into visually captivating sub-structures defining its rising form. Punctured Jali corridors flank an open air holy water body that mirrors the temple in its clear waters.

Design Conception courtesy SanJay Puri Architects

Natural light and ventilation is the key design feature, and the structure seamlessly facilitates these by allowing entry of the same strategically and in-perceivably through the structural elements itself. The project provides opportunity and abundance of culturally enlightening programs, providing gardens and open spaces for public use.

Drawings and renderings via World Architecture
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