Pixa: A Modular Outdoor Shade Concept by Hermann Kamte and Associates

Cameroonian architects, Hermann Kamte and Associates recently shared with us a design concept titled “PIXA” – their entry for the 2017 Future of Shade competition, an annual contest held by Sunbrella and Architizer, challenging architects and designers to explore the integral role of fabric in shade and building design.

PIXA is a flexible and modular tool or structure which can be easily assembled to create a tiny, large and largest structure by replication using a single unit. The Interior space of the steel structure is defined by two abstract natural elements “light and shades”.

The design is an experiment of light behaviour in space. The Organic Pixa sunbrella Fabric is the result of superposition between a translucent and opaque ripped common fabric. The modular Pixa fabric is the cover of the recycled steel structure. Not only used as a cover, the fabric is also defining a spatial disposal for each module, this is the flexibility and the plasticity of the proposed design.

The light steel structure is the boundary between indoor and outdoor spaces by creating semi-open and semi-closed spaces, while filter light and reinforced the presence of organic shadow on the ground. The triangular module system has been choosing because of its flexibility and plasticity. By this way, the proposed configuration can show, the modularity of the model is infinite. The matrix is a simple example of the field of possibility.

At night, the coloured opaque fabric gives the structure a wonderful aspect by illumination, .LED Lighting is connected along the steel Pipes to design and highlight the occupied space.



  • Project NamePixa
  • Competition: Sunbrella – The Future of Shade
  • Status: Design Entry
  • Firm: HKA | Hermann Kamte & Associates
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