Ordered Disorder: Zayed Sports World by Behnisch Architekten

Behnisch Architekten have designed what i like to describe as ‘ordered disorder’ in the Zayed Sports World Project. The idea for the Zayed Sports World  is a renewal project of sorts, seeking to revitalise the existing Zayed National Stadium, a remnant of an earlier era of city building. The new scheme seeks to introduce urban mixed use districts, native ecologies and ofcourse, multi-use sports.

This approach is remeniscent of the ‘souk’ which is a traditional market place and an important aspect of urban life that fosters a lively environment. The core feature of the new approach, however, does center on protection from intense heat and sunlight, something also achieved effortlessly within the ‘souk’ by way of shaded street scapes and screened window openings as well as controlled light-infiltration. These are all intended to be a prominent feature in the new design. A bold and dynamic approach, the scheme seeks to consolidate community related sports activities, competition venues, and sports related education to create a comprehensive new “Arzanah” fostering communication and urban life as a new national icon.











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