A proposal for the National Theater of Equatorial Guinea designed by Independent Architectural Diplomacy

Here’s a proposal we came across from 2011 for the National Theater of Equatorial Guinea, designed by the Spanish Architecture practice, Independent Architectural Diplomacy (IAD). The Theatre was designed to be a cultural Hub,  located in the city of Oyala, Equatorial Guinea’s next capital city after Malabo.


The geometry and form of the theatre offer a smooth, ever changing crescent curve that seeks to be iconic while achieving a dual nature. It offers two distinct yet seemingly unified regions in the theatre. There’s the public facing side, which is a convex curve rising from the landscape as part of the crescent shape that contains the public entrance, main hall, auditorium and stage as well as the an open public space bounded by a curved transparent wall of glass. Then there’s the technical side which remains hidden within the architectural mass towards the rear of the building.

The convex approach of the theatre offers a light filled plane of sweeping and sensuous curves that allow for a seamless journey from outside to inside, while the rear of building, which one may expect to be less appealing sees an inviting green embankment for the public to experience a refreshing balance between nature and the theatre itself.

iad-national-theater-of-equatorial-guinea-iad-sketch iad-national-theater-of-equatorial-guinea-sketch iad-national-theater-of-equatorial-guinea-plan iad-national-theater-of-equatorial-guinea-master-plan iad-national-theater-of-equatorial-guinea-conference-hall iad-national-theater-of-equatorial-guinea-elevation iad-national-theater-of-equatorial-guinea-sectional-elevation iad-national-theater-of-equatorial-guinea-main-entrance iad-national-theater-of-equatorial-guinea iad-national-theater-of-equatorial-guinea-aerial-view

[via archidatum]


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