Discover the Serene Aesthetics of “The Seasons”, A Modern Home In Guinea By MOST Monti Studio

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MOST Monti Studio introduces The Seasons—a distinctive modern home in Guinea that redefines modern living. Situated on a vast, sloping terrain toward the sea, it seamlessly integrates urban and residential elements.

The photographs taken by Italian photographer, Andrea Ceriani showcase the minimal exterior of the villa. It features rectilinear volumes each housing different zones and functions provided for in this residential project. The villa’s exterior showcases minimalistic white volumes for privacy, while the interior is flooded with natural light and offers unobstructed sea views.

Contemporary modern home in Guinea with white facade and lush green lawn.
Landscaped front view of the modern home showing the rectilinear volumes and shaded entrance.

Layered for functionality, The Seasons features distinct zones. A white volume houses guest rooms and entertainment spaces, while an open-air tropical garden infuses natural elements. The living quarters, kitchen, and bedrooms are deliberately positioned to optimize sea vistas.

A modern white building with multiple slim windows and a grassy area.
Contemporary home with white facade and lush green lawn.
A white building with a large window, offering a glimpse of the interior.
A modern home with wooden walls and a wooden entrance door.
A contemporary house with a pool and a stylish wooden ceiling.

Complementing the villa are two perpendicular volumes—housing a pool lounge and wellness amenities—further enhancing the coastal experience. The Seasons also incorporates an open-air basketball court and a mosque, seamlessly blending spirituality and recreation. Its thoughtful design offers a distinctive living experience, blending privacy with panoramic views.

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