Casa Dasa and Datri in Mexico by Mavarq

Doing away with the traditional structure of a semidetached duplex, the Mexican Architecture practice, Mavarq, has created something unique and imaginative with this residential project.

Designed to be a pair of houses sharing common spaces for two brothers and their families, Mavarq, inverted the usual idea of bissection for the semidetached typology and created an open court as a common outdoor space for the two houses. Named Dasa and Datri, respectively, the homes each feature a unique floor plan, as opposed to the typical mirror image, but share a unified aesthetic with sloping roofs and brick finished facades.
The homes sit on 1022sqm, with a shared swimming pool amongst other amenities in the communal court. Space planning stayed simple with kitchens, living areas and dining areas on the ground floor, while sleeping areas/bedrooms can be found on the first floor creating dramatic overhangs that give very welcome shade and ambiance to the virtually open floor layouts on the ground.

The double volume that the planning creates is very attractive and makes for an appealing living space that would also be well ventilated. As opposed to just slabbing the first floor, specific activity areas are slabbed while other spaces remain open thereby creating the double volume and open belows across the layout of each home. This even makes the home look much larger than it is. Further more the juxtaposition of spaces and the outside in approach on the ground floor ensures thermal comfort within this building, not sacrificing on views and privacy. Which brings me to another feature that makes this building stand out. Its exterior facade. The Planning ensures that private spaces are inward facing, overlooking the communal court, thus, very few openings and little fenestration features on the perimeter on both buildings. Rather, an intrinsic, brick facade with deliberate perforations that limit views from outsidegive it a contemporary look stemmed in tradition not compromising security or privacy. Its looks and feels homely, and not mechanical, no over-the-top modernism, but just very smart design that offers function and amenity.


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