Los Nogales School Cafeteria in Colombia by Daniel Bonilla Architects

Designed to resist siesmic forces, the Los Nogales School Cafetaria by Daniel Bonilla Architects has a carefully crafted column structure with an impressive ceiling design.


[dropcap size=big]U[/dropcap]nder the idea of making an expressive and seismically efficient structure, the pavilion is designed with a single type V column which gradually rotates and reverses, generating an apparently random sequence of movement. The resulting shape is very efficient to resist seismic forces.

The whole set of columns is content between two analogous planes that are dilated from the ground, pretending to float over the grass.

The basic program that houses the “auditeria” (1,624.92 m2) is divided into two independent and autonomous areas, the kitchen and the great room, allowing to use it either as an auditorium or a cafeteria, creating a multipurpose large format space for the school.

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