The Hotel Mar Adentro in San José del Cabo, Mexico, is a 200+ room hotel designed by Mexican architect Miguel Ángel Aragonés.

Located along what is described as “the purest, most minimalist landscape a horizon could have drawn.”, the hotel sits on a little over 47 000 sqm of property, and is characterised by a minimalist aesthetic comprising clean, white boxes or volumes that appear to be floating as they are arrayed along a still, man-made water feature, which borders the entirety of the project.

Each of the floating volumes open out to the sea offering breathtaking views that can be enjoyed either from a balcony or through the large, frameless floor-to-ceiling windows that typify the guest rooms and other spaces. Its almost as though each room contains a piece of the sea.

The buildings are, essentially, modular, offering a versatile structure that was factory-made. The modules are such that they could be sub-divided or added onto to serve either autonomously or as part of another structure, such as guest rooms or other ancillary facilities. The entire interior structure was prefabricated and shipped to the site where it was assembled by local hands. In a question of days the first room was ready.


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Architects: Miguel Angel Aragonés

Location: San José del Cabo, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Architect in Charge: Miguel Angel Aragonés


Design Team: Miguel Ángel Aragonés, Juan Vidaña, Pedro Amador, Tadeo López, Rafael Aragonés, Alba Ortega.

Area: 47082.0 sqm

Project Year: 2016

Photographs: Joe Fletcher

Collaborators: Antonino Trinidad, Ana Aragonés, Fernanda Kurth, Manuel de la O., Diego Amador, Axel Hernández

Structural Engineering: José Nolasco

Constructor: Jorge Flores, José Torres

Heads of Labor Work: Severiano Torres, Roberto Torres

Intelligent System: Control 4.

Especial Engineering: High Tech Services

Kitchen: San-Son

Uncovered Area: 26,454.77 sqm

Lighting: Taller Aragonés, Ilumileds.

Glazing and Sliding Windows: Taller Aragonés, Javier Rivero

External Roller Blinds: Deko System Group (Model System Italia)

Wardrobes and Closets: Poliform,

Interior Furniture: Poliform

Exterior Furniture: Exteta

Water Systems: Swimquip

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