HACHI Apartment Building in Bangkok by Octane Architecture and Design


HACHI, the modern serviced apartment for monthly rental, located in business areas of Ladprao, Bangkok, and surrounded by very crowded urban housings, office buildings and conventional apartments.

This serviced apartment composes of luxury rental 34-unit rooms with an area of 26-44 sq.m. per room, a serviced office and multipurpose room. By means of this, the building will scale approximately 5-storey with a total functional area of 1,100 sq.m. In the design of conventional apartment, a solid box is created as a model, of which the exterior consists of balconies that are used for drying clothes and lying CDC or other insignificant functions.

To accentuate, gables are designed above each of balcony to make residents feel like the apartment is their home, hide untidy balconies, and be a sunshade during daylight. The building composes of several modular gable stories, each of them are orderly differentiated, including different depth, lath orientation and height. Joining each of modular gable together to make them like harmony rhythm as a vertical village.

The interior space is inspired by an analogic idea of ancient eastern people that organized spaces by dividing each of activity space in a sequence. Similarly, each of internal phase has an emotional design divided by gable arches that are related with exterior façade to switching people’s emotion by bright and dark areas beginning from the entrance through stair hall and corridor.

The wall of corridor and stair hall are built by black stones, having tiny spot lights that emit toward wood floor to guide and draw people’s attention to the path while walking. The corridor and rental room are designed to make you feel highest comfortable, lively and smooth by a result of a perfect blend between white marbles and wood texture that gives you such a warm ambience as if it is your own home.

Images courtesy Octane Architecture and Design


  • Project : HACHI
  • Category : Serviced Apartment (34Units)
  • Location :ladprao soi3 , Bangkok
  • Area : 1,100 Sq.m
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