A Perfect Place for the Youngest Minds; A Renovation Project by Jessop and Cook Architects

I loooove Nigeria, but I am really looking forward to driving through more rows of beautiful buildings with more thought on the choice of material and the building style with a lot of green around.

While you will definitely see some good looking architecture around some particular places like Lagos, Abuja and others (thanks to the more thoughtful architects we have around), its still not enough. There is a growing need for an unconventional and innovative thought pattern amongst our architects to see our environment better than it is. But then again, its just my thought, but its also another reason why I am so in love with this St Mary’s Infant School, a renovation project by Jessop and Cook Architects based in Oxford.
The first things that caught my eyes or should I say that I love, was the wooden play area, and the layered pitch roof, and of course the very green environment. The building has a lot character for an infant school, or even for a school (which usually has a peculiar rectangular and rigid character). The architects decision to take a different approach had them unifying three different sections with an inner garden with views from inside. Skylights and high level windows play a perfect role in bringing the outside in and allowing sufficient daylight to fill the interior spaces. The interior colour theme is kept modern and natural by combining white ceiling with wooden features around the floor space with some colourful undertones from the children books, toys and other items. Overall, It is a beautiful school with a clean and natural look and a homely feel. Its indeed a perfect place for little infants.
Love these circular peek-a-boo windows on the door and the wall.
Images are from Fresh homes.
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