A Home for the Homeless: The New Jerusalem Orphanage in South Africa by 4D+A

Yes, yet another container project. Too much? I don’t think so, but i digress. Today’s project is a shipping container home/orphanage called New Jerusalem in Gauteng, South Africa.

Making use of a staggering 28 containers, (both 20ft and 40ft), 4D and A were able to deliver a playful yet solid structure 25% less expensive than the conventional brick and mortar homes.

They were commissioned by the  founding sisters of the orphanage to help with their expansion project which basically was to build new houses for the orphaned and abandoned children that there’re dedicated to caring for. Each of the units houses twelve children and a matron or house mother, with two housing units sharing a communal kitchen, dining and lounge area. The space are vibrant and inspiring and not drab or decrepit, helping to stimulate the children who have suffered life-altering trauma and make them feel loved and special.
As always, insulation was an important consideration, so building orientation, timber screens and a roof garden were employed in addition to foam insulation on the inside walls and ceilings clad with dry wall.
The containers were also placed on concrete plinths to encourage the flow of air around the structure.

One of the more major challenges of the project was funding. The Government, NGO’s, Businesses and private donors made this possible, but New Jerusalem Orphanage is actively seeking more funding to aid in continuing the good work they’re doing nourishing the bodies and minds of these fortunate children, so please feel free if you are so led to lend a helping hand.

courtesy 4D and A and the good people at inhabitat 

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