Tayo Odunsi launches book on Affordable Housing

Real-estate economist and CEO Northcourt Real Estate, Mr. Tayo Odunsi, on Monday, launched his book titled “Affordable- Thinking critically and differently about affordable housing”.

The book which was formally launched at the Four points by Sheraton in Oniru, Victoria Island, Lagos, seeks to dispel the controversies surrounding the concept of affordable housing, and make people see the idea from different perspectives identifying the roles of every sector required to make housing affordable in Nigeria.

Prevailing misconceptions about affordable housing by those involved in housing provision, were the driving factor behind Mr. Odunsi writing the book. His intention is to make people see what affordable housing means, because what a lot of people call affordable housing is actually not affordable housing but more low income or social housing.

“The book discusses the five parties to Affordable Housing, much like a pentagon, namely; the Government, who owns and controls land; Private sector, who are usually developers and financiers; Also involved are professionals- the architects, engineers, etc, who design and provide the offices, industrial, residential apartments etc, Community, who ensures that affordable housing provided for them remain affordable. The fifth is the individual, who are the highest decision makers. The prerogative of affordable housing belongs to each single individual. Despite the five parties coming together to form this pentagon, each party is distinct in the role they play…”

-Tayo Odunsi

The book Affordable is an applied research work, having 42 chapters, which is 41 ideas and the concluding 42nd chapter. He stated that a social mindset is required to proffer a lasting solution to the housing deficit, and only that can make housing affordable and sustainable. All parties must look not just on the profit but keenly on impact they will have on the economy as a whole and facing the challenge.

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