Lagos State Government Commissions Onikan Multi-Level Car Park & Facility Building

The Governor of Lagos State, Mr.Babajide Sanwo-Olu, today commissioned the much anticipated Onikan Multi-Level Car Park located in Lagos Island.

Situated on what was previously a dump site, the facility, designed by Lagos-based architectural practice- DKR associates, features 5 car parking floors accommodating 384 vehicles as well as offices for tickets and rest rooms on each floor. The 6th floor is designated for multi-purpose mixed use functions consisting of a 410 sqm Club House and 2 banquet rooms with sitting capacities of 800 and 600 persons each. Services provided include a Water treatment Plant, Fire alarm systems, CCTV, data network and power systems. Construction begin in 2013.

This is a major standpoint of our administration, as traffic management is a major driver of our economy. Lagos Island could be modestly referenced as one of the largest commercial corridors in the state. There is therefore, a corresponding increase in commuting, especially, high volume of vehicular traffic including social activities, culminating in traffic gridlock and pressure along this corridor.

This Multi-Level Facility Building will service the stadium and other primary social centres such as Island Club, Yoruba Tennis Club, Lagos Lawn Tennis Club, King George V Park, Police Command Recreational Centre as well as other facilities in the neighbourhood and fix the parking requirements generated by these centres

Babajide Sanwo-Olu, Executive Governor, Lagos State

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