How An Entrepreneur Turned A Class Project Into One Of Ghana’s Hottest Real Estate Tech Startups

Kelvin Nyame took a business idea formulated in school and turned it into one of Ghana’s hottest tech startups. Together with his partners, Rashad Seini and Kofi Amuasi, he’s offering a practical service that solves a local problem.

Getting suitable accommodation in Ghana can be a difficult, frustrating process, according to Pulse magazine. The methods differ depending on your income level, but there are long-standing bottlenecks. For the vast majority, renting is the option. Middle class Ghanaians may prefer to build their own homes by buying land, and undertaking full construction themselves. Others prefer to buy or take a mortgage. is an online platform that lets users find residential and commercial property to rent or buy in various cities in Ghana. Normally it would be a difficult task, but meQasa claims to make it a whole lot easier.

MeQasa partners with brokers, owners, and tenants to create complete property profiles. Acting as sort of a go-between, meQasa facilitates communication and meetings between prospective tenants and owners or their representatives. It is a free service, covers the main urban areas, and has 23,000 commercial and residential listings.

MeQasa’s trio of entrepreneurs met while participating in a tech entrepreneurship training program at the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST), an innovation lab in Accra, Ghana.

After they put together a business model for class, MEST invested $90,000 in the startup as seed capital to launch the venture. Soon after, classifieds-focused financier Frontier Digital Ventures injected a $500,000 investment into meQasa.

MeQasa was founded in 2013. It also publishes the Accra Housing Guide.

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