Watch the Pilot Episode of “The Firm” – A TV Drama Series Produced by ACA Nigeria

Here’s a first look at the pilot episode for the new TV Drama Series produced by the Association of Consulting Architects Nigeria (ACA Nigeria), aptly titled “The Firm”.

As they describe it, ‘The Firm’ seeks to provide a compelling narrative on some of these aspects of life in a big city, told from the point of view of the twelve main individuals who serve as partners and employees of the architectural firm – Associated Chartered Architects Nigeria (ACA Nigeria).

The episode lays out an introductory plot for the show (as well as other sub plots) while at the same time introducing some of the characters that more likely than not, would play key roles as the show progresses.

It offers its fair share of drama and looks to be an interesting show that hopefully helps to shed some light on the pro, cons, challenges and rewards within the practice of architecture. Enjoy.

firm-1 firm-2 firm-3 firm-4

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