The Unusual Football Field by AP Thailand

Real Estate developer, AP thailand have developed the “unusual football field” in the khlong toei community, a densely populated area in bangkok which many believe has no usable space left, but, numerous asymmetrical spaces deemed ‘useless’ which are scattered across the community.

The ‘unusual football field’ is an unorthodox soccer pitch that redefines the boundaries of the traditional 105 by 68 meter rectangular field. AP thailand, in collaboration with CJ worx, a digital agency have created these unique fields for playing soccer, the most favorable sport in Thailand, in order to promote relationships among the people in the community. The concept originated from an idea called ‘think space’, with the goal to transform a small and irregularly-shaped field into a practical football field that still allows fair play between teams. the idea questions the limits of space in order to illustrate the company’s belief that ‘space can change one’s life’.


unusual-football-field-2 ap-thailand-unusual-football-field-02

This ‘unusual football field’ has proven that design for playing outside ‘the box’, both literally and metaphorically, can help foster creativity used to develop these useful spaces. AP thailand hopes this project will enhance relationships among the people in the community, and that other communities will take notice and adapt this idea to change their own irregular space into an area for organizing various activities, understanding that ‘any abnormal space can achieve the highest benefit’.

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