sarah akwisombhe

Sarah Akwisombhe, “Interior Designer vs Interior Decorator”

I am going to be honest here, I never actually thought about an Interior designer being different from an Interior decorator, yeah, I just said that (covering face).  They are obviously different terms, but it never occurred to me to find out how they differ. The combination of my job here at Livin Spaces, the new people I meet offline and online and my increased desire to improve myself, has seen me learning new things everyday. Last year when we featured BluePrint Africa’s project in Tunisia, I found myself researching about Art Direction seeing as that was the first time I encountered it in the subject of Interior Design. My previous knowledge of Art Direction was limited to motion pictures, but not anymore.

Coming back to Interior Designers vs Interior Decorators, I did wonder about the difference one time when I was hashtagging an instagram post, I ended up using both. If it were a popularity contest, for me, Interior designers would top the list as you tend to hear about them more often than Interior decorators. Anyway, thanks to Sarah Akwisombhe, my ignorant days are over 😀 , I now know the difference. Yay! And interior decorators are just as popular.

According to her, she only discovered the difference after she started an Interior Design diploma. Her discovery was a defining moment in her life, as she knew from then on what she really wanted to do.  In case you are like my formerly ignorant self 🙂  and you are looking at a career in Interior Design, watching the video will clarify things for you. You will know for certain where your interest lies, whether its Interior Design or Interior Decoration.




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