Made in Nigeria: Watch Episode 5 of RED TV’s “Interiors by Design”

This week on interiors by design, the contestants got the opportunity to explore the “made-in-nigeria” option. They paid a visit to the popular and globally recognised hotel and restaurant, Bogobiri House in Ikoyi which is a ‘mecca’ of sorts with regard to indigenous, home grown craft and interior design. They got to meet the founders and go on a tour of the exquisite location.

With one of the contestants dropping out of the race, the remaining 7 then proceeded on a road trip to the town of Epe, Lagos state, where they got to meet a veteran artisan, Mr.Emeka who specialises in using bamboo to create furniture, interior accessories and more. The contestants got to see the step by step process of working with the natural material to create rustic bamboo blinds and then were split into two groups to face the challenge of creating their very own specimens. It was interesting to see them work together and get their hands dirty while crafting their pieces in a relatively short time, but, as is the tradition, one of the contestants had to go “back to the drawing board”.

Watch and enjoy.

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