LIX Is The World’s Smallest 3D Drawing Pen That Lets You Draw In The Air

LIX is the world’s smallest 3D circular pen that lets you ‘draw’ in mid air. It functions much like 3D printers making use of both ABS and PLA filaments which are quickly melted and cooled to create rigid, free standing structures in a seamless drawing experience.

The pen, which was successfully funded on Kickstarter, is one of the latest contenders in the rapidly developing field of 3D printing technology, which offers a host of opportunities to create anything from simple prototypes to complete market-ready products quickly and easily.

The video above is a promotional piece for the Lix Pen highlighting its capacity and features, while the video at the end of this feature illustrates how to use the Lix Pen. You can find out more about the product via there official website.


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