Living Off The Grid In Nigeria: A residential development in Abuja Runs Exclusively on a Hybrid System of Renewable Energy

In this video courtesy HBS Nigeria, Suleiman Yusuf, CEO of Blue Camel Energy (an Abuja based Renewable energy & Power back-up solution provider), takes us through an upscale residential development in the then newly developed Guzape District in the heart of Abuja that is entirely off the grid and runs exclusively on renewable energy.

The development features 10 apartments running on a hybrid system of solar and wind energy, generating about 30 KW, which is enough to provide electricity to power each apartment including air conditioning. The buildings themselves have been designed to take advantage of their geographical context maximizing cross ventilation and daylighting to reduce the need for mechanical interventions.

Mr.Suleiman, who offers details on the financial and technical aspects of the system (the system was said to cost around N 30, 000, 000 at the time), believes the buildings are proof that Nigeria’s energy future has a large off-grid component.

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